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Nuclear astrophysics is an interdiscipline research field that integrates nuclear physics and astrophysics. It mainly aims at study of the origin of elements and how do nuclear processes affect the evolution and fate of stars in the universe. Remarkable progress in understanding origin of elements and evolution of stars has been made since 1930's. However, there are still many scientific questions which need to be solved. Direct measurement of the cross sections for the key nuclear reactions in hydrostatic stellar evolution within Gamow window, which makes use of low background at deep underground laboratory, is crucial to obtain benchmark data, verify extrapolation model, constrain theoretical calculations, and solve key scientific questions in nuclear astrophysics.

This project aims at direct measurement of (α,γ), (α,n) reactions in hydrostatic helium burning and (p,γ), (p,α) reactions in hydrostatic hydrogen burning based on Jinping deep underground laboratory, and will provide key input of nuclear physics for understanding evolution of stars and origin of elements. The key techniques, which include the accelerator system with high stability and high intensity, the detector system, and the shielding material with low background, will be developed through the above research.

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