International Advisory Committee (IAC)
M. Wiescher Chair UND
T. Motobayashi Member RIKEN
H. Wang Member TCAS
C. Brune Member Ohio
M. Junker Member INFN
D. Robertson Member UND
F. Strieder Member SDSMT
D. Leitner Member LBL
Q. Yue Member THU
Bylaw of IAC

To promote and regulate the function of JUNA IAC, and to guide the future work of IAC, the bylaw is made.

  1. Function
  2. IAC is responsible for the following function.
    1. Advise the management of JUNA
    2. Review the 5 year plan of JUNA general and individual PI (GP)
    3. Review the experimental proposal of GP
    4. Review the annual progress of GP
    5. Make suggestion to solve the potential risk of GP
    6. Advise the collaboration of JUNA
    7. Including and/or excluding IAC members
  3. Way of work
    1. Web evaluation
    2. This evaluation is responsible of review the specific progress of GP. Document will be send to responsible IAC members.
    3. Web meeting
    4. This meeting is responsible for discussing the urgent or important issue. Relevant IAC member will present.
    5. Annual meeting
    6. This meeting is held annually, for discussing important issue and evaluating 5 year and annual report and experimental proposals, and other IAC functions. All IAC member will be present.
    7. Financial
    8. All the expense of international and local of IAC will be covered by JUNA budget. If IAC member need to consult external experts for JUNA, extra support should be possible, based on agreement of JUNA executive board.
    9. Relation with JUNA executive board (EB)
    10. JUNA executive board has the right to select IAC chair. The IAC chair have the right to select IAC member based on the agreement with EB. The final decision of JUNA activities is in hand of EB.

The above bylaw is functional from April 15, 2015, the right of explanation and revision will be done by EB.

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